Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome to Ardwulf's Gaming Table!

Today is March 4, 2010. Two years to the day that Gary Gygax left us for the big tabletop in the sky. Which has nothing to do, really, with me starting this blog today, although his work is very much in my thoughts right now.

I've run an MMOPRG blog for over two years now, posting, with occasional breaks, every day about the various goings-on in that universe.

But I am, fundamentally, a tabletop gamer, and, at least as of yet, the tabletop experience has not been replicated on a computer. This blog is where I'll tackle the subject of tabletop games - specifically tabletop RPGs - and even more specifically Dungeons & Dragons. Which D&D I'm talking about... well, I'll get to that.

Meanwhile, get to reading.

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